Building a Better Kibera

On Tuesday, at the Clinton Global Initiative's (CGI) 2013 Annual Meeting, Chelsea Clinton, (who visited SHOFCO last year!) made an exciting announcement with Jessica and Kennedy by her side: CGI is building a partnership around our work, bringing together companies to take on different pieces of what we do and invest in our growth!

CGI's 2013 theme is Mobilizing For Impact. The initiative explores how CGI affiliates can increase effectiveness in leveraging individuals, partners, and resources. The concept is that mobilizing the right entities—and allowing them to reach their full potential—creates lasting and scalable success. 

That’s what we’re going to focus on this year, how we can get people together more—have more effective teams to have a bigger impact
— President Bill Clinton

At the core of CGI is an emphasis on commitments, and at SHOFCO, we are determined to fulfill ours! The charge behind this commitment was lead by the Starkey Hearing Foundation, who has committed to building hearing health infrastructure at our clinic, and bolstering our health programs.  Pentair, our new corporate partner, and global water systems leader, has committed $250,000 to double our water infrastructure and will dedicate a team of expert engineers to our project! 


Now, CGI is looking to add companies around the other segments of our work as part of a commitment to SHOFCO called “Build a Better Kibera.”  We look forward to expanding our support network!

We are grateful for how our partners have mobilized around Shining Hope for Communities. Pentair’s commitment to action will help double the number of Kibera residents who have access to clean drinking water, while enabling Shining Hope for Communities to reach its full potential.
— Chelsea Clinton - Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation
The idea behind coming to Kibera was to really listen to the community and find out what those needs are, and utilize our network and our partners to help make a greater impact.
— Steven Sawalich - Senior Executive Director, Starkey Hearing Foundation

To all of our supporters--thank you for tuning in and thank you for your continued partnership!