Nicholas Kristof Features SHOFCO!

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof featured SHOFCO in his Sunday columns for two weeks in a row! In his 1st column, "In this Rape Case, the Victim was 4," Kristof recounts the case of the rape of a child in Kibera and the police's ineffectualand hostileresponse to the case and the survivor's family. How Brave Girls Helped Crack a Taboo expands on the issue of sexual assault, and ultimately gives a hopeful view of the future.

To build a safer environment for the girls, he [Kennedy Odede] started a system of victim advocates to help push the police to do their jobs, and the group is winning support for its message that “no” means “no” — and that rapists should be punished.

It’s having an impact, offering a model for efforts to combat sexual violence worldwide.
— Nicholas Kristof