Student Spotlight: Ashley, 6th grader

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself.

My name is Ashley; I am a beautiful, loving and caring girl. I love my teachers, parents and siblings.

Q: What do you love about your teachers?

I have so many teachers! My favourite one is Teacher Obunga – my Swahili teacher. He teaches us Swahili with so much passion and happiness, I get to understand what he says. In Kibera, a lot of Swahili is now mixed with many languages and it becomes Sheng, he teaches us pure Swahili that makes me want to speak to everyone I love in Swahili.

Q: Why do you think that love and care is so important?

...We need love because with love we can get to know each other well and share each other’s secrets. I would advise people to give love because love changes the world and brings out the best in the world. I pratise love everyday by loving my friends and my siblings.

Q: How many siblings do you have?

I have seven siblings.

Q: Seven? That is a lot of love – how do you show them love everyday?

When they are hurt, when someone hurts their feelings, or when they feel sad – I motivate them. I advise them and I show them the way to go. I also help them; I tell them that I love them, that they are beautiful.  I also teach them about loving the environment.

Q: Tell me more about loving the environment

I don’t like what our industries are doing to our environment! That is not love. You cannot love the environment when the factory smoke chokes the birds and they don’t get to chirp any more. The garbage is a problem too – the paper bags that need to get recycled, we need to recycle more!