Schooner Foundation Announces $1M Matching Challenge

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The Schooner Foundation Extends a $1 Million Matching Challenge to Support CGI Commitment



Nairobi, Kenya- To commemorate the end of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), the Schooner Foundation announces a $1 million multi-year pledge to support and expand the work being done by CGI partner and nonprofit organization, Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO).  

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) gathers leaders around the world to address the world’s most urgent problems. Every year, people make new  Commitments to Action —  precise and measurable plans for addressing global challenges. Though CGI is coming to a close, SHOFCO’s commitment to transforming urban poverty in Kenya’s slums is not.

In support of SHOFCO’s commitment, the Schooner Foundation is offering a matching challenge to garner support and drive the organization's mission forward. The Schooner Foundation is deeply invested in entrepreneurial solutions to social problems - which is what SHOFCO was founded on.

Schooner Foundation Senior Advisor and Trustee, Cynthia Ryan, said, “Rarely does a foundation find a partner with the local knowledge and support that Kennedy and Jessica Odede have from the Kibera community.  Add to this their holistic approach to development, their commitment to excellence and their courage to try creative and cutting edge approaches to their work and the decision to support them with financial and human capital is a no brainer.  We are honored to be part of the SHOFCO family and hope other donors will join us as partners for Shining Hope for Communities”.

The Schooner Foundation is offering the match around this momentous time of collective leadership to encourage others to come forward and match their gift. They will match a total donation of up to $1 million.





Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) combats gender inequality and extreme poverty in urban slums by linking tuition free schools for girls to essential services for all. The services include health clinics, access to clean water and empowerment programs. The SHOFCO model elevates girls while connecting community transformation to women's empowerment.

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